Sunday, April 18, 2021

Latest Update: sub jason...

The changes sub jason has experienced since December 26, 2019, after I injected 3cc of Everclear at 30 minutes into an hour-long banding:
- he no longer experiences 'morning wood' or fantasy-driven erections.
- he struggles to gain and maintain an erection with both physical and mental stimulation.
- his erection has lost ~1" length, and it's thickness is slightly less.
- he struggles to reach and control his climax, and reports less euphoric enjoyment after.
- he makes fewer strong pulses, reports feeling they are incomplete as they quickly fade, like there is nothing left in the tank.
- his release is not as thick, is poorly mixed, and quantity is less, even after 1-2 weeks of chastity.
- he reports another equal release takes about a week of abstaining.
- Testosterone tests show a significant ~2/3 reduction in male hormone produced from My balls, with little change in the past ~6 months.
- he cannot identify any significant improvements in his libido since the end of summer 2020, which match the testosterone test results.
- My nuts appears to have 1/3 less volume than before.

his months of private updates tell Me he wants to go back to his slutty ways, but My banding and needles of Everclear have taken that all away.

 Latest Update:

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