Sunday, March 28, 2021

Friday Night with sub jason...

Yes indeed, I amused Myself with My balls between sub jason's thighs once again. After sending a urethral catheter deep inside of him to take control over his bladder and making sure the medical restraints was tight, I began the scrotal infusion. Soon I began adding multiple electro attachments to his nipples, cock head, pelvis, just under the ball sack and deep inside his ass. To say it was a stimulating experience is an understatement. Restrained and helpless, unable to move as the saline flowed into his scrotum and all the electricity penetrating's over various parts of his body. <wicked giggle> 

Moving him over to the bed with his ankles restrained high in the stirrups and his wrists slightly above his body, his scrotum that resembled a ripe melon was fully exposed. How could I resist smacking such a huge set of balls? Over and over again, I slapped the huge saline filled scrotum enjoying the sound it made as he squealed from his suffering. 

Oh YES! I even have video which I will be sharing tomorrow so keep checking back. 

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