Sunday, July 5, 2020

Post Session: sub jason. Summary 18 - 26

(Week 18/19)
i can mark an overall slight change of between-releases average 'recovery' time from more than 1/2 week to an improved 2-3 days.  Effort to gain an erection/sensitivity has also improved, along with my general interest in women returning.  Maintaining an erection is still not possible without focused physical and mental effort, so confidence in performing sexually any time soon remains nil.  Releases after longer periods of abstinence are beginning to gain some small reward, but calling them the rewarding orgasms i once knew is stretching the term.

(Week 20/21)
Entering chastity again and restarting oral supplements, along with planning another MsPatty visit toward the end of week 21.  Supplements again bring a noticeable edge to my libido, which is welcome.  Some personal re-measurement of testicle volume also points to an improvement.  The previous atrophied 45-50% of average testicle size i experienced early on is now approaching ~60% (of the estimated former average volume).  Their overall contour is improving with further rounding.

(Week 22/23)
Post visit, i return to my more recent non-boosted libido level with the recently improved 2-3 day recovery window.  Release quantity seems to be slightly improved if i abstain an extra day, so production capacity may have a slight improvement.  A few checks on my average achieved erection length hints at a slight improvement comparing to @ Week 13, although maintaining still takes high focused effort.

(Week 24/25)
my sexual response from mental stimulation has improved somewhat in the recent weeks, and physical response has slight improvement.  This is without supplements involved, nor chastity build-up.  Some natural soft erection responses appear the second week which i had not experienced since before this journey began.  This is encouraging as the 1/2 year mark approaches.  Although increased effort is still needed to reach the excitement peak, the reward of release (something a little closer to the term orgasm) is starting to be felt, and more so when a week release interval is maintained.  i will soon take another testosterone test, and follow up with a MsPatty evaluation visit after the results come in.

(Week 26/6 Months)
my original 10-Week Summary doesn't use the word anywhere, but it is there, every week, between the lines (oh... MsPatty added it to her labels).  That word is castration.  It continues to be a slow crawl out of that nullified state. Overall, i have gained a weak libido that has seen very slow but general improvement over the past ~2-3 months.  Gaining a mentally generated soft erection is sometimes possible; my overall effort to gain one physically has seen some improvement.  This gives me some hope i may emerge from this extended period of sexual dysfunction.  Continued difficulty in maintaining any erection tempers that optimism.  An additional uncertainty is that my recovery could still plateau.  i have taken a home testosterone test this week and sent off the sample.  MsPatty will see my results before i do.  i am again restricted from releases until i visit MsPatty late next month, which will mark ~7 months.


After reading his own thoughts over the past 2 updates, you can see that his journey has not only been a physical but a psychological one. My testicles are healing which in turn his libido is slowly improving. Keep in mind, while they are healing and will continue to, they will never be the same as they were before he started his journey on December 26th 2019.

 Towards the end of July, I will be meeting with sub jason once again and examining My balls between his thighs. At that time I will be posting an updated video of the after effects from the hour long banding and injections as well as current measurements along with his latest testosterone results.  

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