Monday, July 8, 2024

Late Afternoon with sub jason...

My late afternoon with sub jason started by using the testicle sizer/Prater Orchidometer to measure My balls between his thighs. The left testicle was at the 20 and the right was just about at the 15 egg. Yes, My balls between his thighs are regressing. LOL 

Soon, I found Myself reminiscing about the last 4 1/2 years since that very first Judgment Day in December of 2019 when I took ownership of My balls between his thighs. With the biggest smile you've ever seen across My face, I decided to inject his spermatic cords with injectable Lidocaine. 

As he laid helplessly restrained, I reached for My Italian Burdizzo and before long, I had his spermatic cord between the blades, applying pressure. Will I close the clamp all the way or will I just do a partial clamp? 

To find out, the videos will soon be posted. <wicked grin>

The videos from our time together which will be posted in the next day or two can be found on the medical video gallery below. 

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