Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Stolen Orgasm

Recently, I have been experimenting with orgasm denial, using sub jason. Orgasm denial doesn't describe exactly the result I want. It was actually sub jason that described it as a stolen orgasm and that's exactly what I want to do. It's not about blocking nor edging. There is no abrupt end to stimulation. The result that I want is to stimulate the prostate through anal or the taint to cause a release. There is no stimulation to the penis. This release is caught by the urethral tubing which has been inserted into the urethra, deep near the prostate. The tubing leads to a syringe with a clip attached to its plunger. This causes suction. Instead of feeling the orgasm as the ejaculation is released, the tube blocks that sensation thus it's a stolen orgasm. 

Why may you ask since those balls between his thighs are Mine and they are only on loan till I decide to take them? Just because eventually, I will take them from him, it doesn't mean he should be enjoying orgasms using them in the meantime. 

The video that been posted below on My video gallery shows the experiment, let's call it an intro. There will be many more experiences, working towards the goal. 

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