Monday, April 22, 2024

An Evening to Remember...sub jason

 When sub jason walked in My door, I knew what I was going to do with My balls between his thighs right away. Soon after chatting for a bit, I instructed him to strip and get onto the bed, I proceeded to restrain his limbs to the four corners of the bed. To allow him to focus, I placed the mask that he made Me over his face then left him alone for an hour to prepare for later. 

After an hour, I returned with a filled enema bag and removed the restraints then moved him to the end of the bed to begin administering the warm soapy water. When the release water ran clear, it was time to begin.

Back into position at the end of the bed, feet up in the leather stirrups and his wrists restrained to the end corners of the bed. The spandex hood placed over his head to force him to focus on what he was about to experience. 

To begin, I placed My balls between his thighs as well as cock into the acrylic ball press then applied electro pads beneath each nut. For fun, I told him we were to play a game. **Full video of game with instructions will be posted later this evening.

 Now that My balls between sub jason's thighs had been squeezed, I removed the acrylic press and pulled out My new, larger Tri bander. First, I used a non-castration red band and placed it about an inch above the testicles then another red band below the first. The third band, the black castration band was then placed between the two red bands. 

After 8 minutes had passed, I began injecting into both testicles, multiple injection sites a total of 3ml's of 190 proof Everclear. With each injection, I stirred the needle, all the while teasing sub jason. 

When 30 minutes had passed, I began slowly removing the bands, starting with the two red bands then the black castration band. Total time banded was 32 minutes. 

Soon sub jason would be released with instructions to keep Me updated daily. The above picture was sent 3 days after our time together. They are in the process of healing. A T test will be taken in roughly 3 months. 

The videos from our time together can be found on the medical and what's new video galleries. 

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