Sunday, May 15, 2022

Saturday with Sissy tammy...

 My Saturday with sissy tammy began with pumping then infusing 250ml of saline into each breast. Yes, I created a beautiful set of C-cup breasts. Soon, I took over her bladder by inserting a foley catheter into her. 

After creating those luscious tits, I restrained her down tight and shoved a ball gag into her mouth then clamped the catheter to prevent her bladder being emptied. Legs spread wide and totally helpless, I brought out My burdizzo. Quickly, I found one of the spermatic cords that leads to the testicle...

When I had finished with her just before removing the restraints, I placed her into a diaper and removed the clamp from the catheter. My final instructions were simple, keep hydrated to keep the breasts I created for as long as possible and do not remove the catheter nor diaper till late that night. I'm sure that 6-hour car ride was a very wet one. <wicked giggle> 

Yes, I'm in such a lovely mood that I have video of using the burdizzo down below on My Video gallery.

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