Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Long, HOTT Afternoon with Fetishist w...

 My long HOTT afternoon with Fet w began with several enemas in preparation for anal later on. Next came placing his balls between 2 slabs of clear acrylic and crushing them along with forcing My finger down his piss hole till I was satisfied. 

Soon after I finger fucked that bitch hole between his thighs, I began working open his ass till I stretched and filled it. 

To finish our time together, I used 22g x 4-inch needles to skewer and penetrate his balls. The cherry on top was birthday candles attached to the needle hubs that I finished our time together by making a wish. <wicked grin> 

To say the panties was juicy from our time together is an understatement. 

Videos from My time with him has been posted to My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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