Sunday, September 6, 2020

After Effects: sub jason 8 month update continues...

8 Month Summary, directly from sub jason.

my libido recovery remains frustratingly slow. Mentally triggered erections are still low or only brief, mild/soft thickening, and more typically ‘stubby’.  Getting a firm erection is possible with sufficient physical stimulation, but there is little room in the relative gap between getting enough hardness to perform and triggering a sexual release.  Recovery after a release remains at a few days - I.e where the urge to perform again returns and a sufficient available ejaculate qty. is available - both remain well below sufficient for follow-up activity.

These dysfunctional symptoms continue to discourage my seeking natural sexual interactions with a woman. It is the fear of failure and embarrassment by being unable to satisfy her in ways i have known how to (and mutually enjoy) in times past.  Using supplements and/or a physical ring to enhance my erection / functionality may offer a one-shot opportunity. Yet, the reality is a healthy libido at my age should enable sexual acts like this about 2-3 times a day (instead of about once a week).  This is certainly an improvement over the previous months of general sexual organ atrophy and systematic failure. At the same time, it only takes a reach down between my legs, after a shower in the morning or when getting ready for bedtime, to feel the overall smaller external ‘package’ that now resides there.  It was once judged average to slightly above (generally desirable) by some of the female gender in the past. 

i continue to wonder how much longer until my recovery plateaus? and will the ‘80%’ hoped for be enough? MsPatty has had several opportunities to examine Her results from December in this past month. She remains thrilled both watching and reading about my struggles and continued shortcomings.