Monday, August 17, 2020

An Afternoon with sub jason...

How did I amuse Myself with sub jason? I decided to infuse his scrotum again with 1000ml bag of saline to give My balls between his thighs a break this time. Of course I did smack them around quite a bit and kept forcing him to drink water but not allowing him to empty his bladder into the Texas catheter. <wicked giggle>

It's time to bring that huge sack, front and center in the CBT Pillory. As it hung between the two bars, I enjoyed using it as target practice. LOL Smacking it like a huge melon. 

Using the large cock pump, I pumped up his practically useless cock to the width of a pop can. Even effectively useless, it looked great. <wicked giggle> Hopefully by the next update, I will have his testosterone test results in which I will post.

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