Thursday, June 16, 2022

Sissy Tammy Returns....

 My update post about sissy tammy's latest visit which was supposed to be posted Tuesday but due to not having electricity which involved most of central Ohio from early Tuesday till today, Thursday, it's up late. It's worth the wait though as you can see. 

Even though I didn't band those bits of flesh between sissy tammy's thighs, I did inject 1ml of 190 proof Everclear into each testicle. Will there be a heal time longer than a week? Of course, there will be, but the bigger question is how much permanent damage will there be? <wicked grin>

I began our time together by restraining her then inserting a 16fr catheter down her urethra so to take control over her bladder. Then I began lubing up My huge cock and working it into her tight sissy cunt. 

Soon, My desire shifted to those balls between her thighs. After injecting each testicle multiple times, My focus went back to fucking that sissy cunt and smacking those Everclear filled balls as well as her ass for awhile. <wicked giggle>

Yes, I have video to share down on My video gallery so go take a peek.

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