Sunday, January 1, 2017

 Creating Fuckable Twats are so amazing but sliding one of My cocks into one of them is even better. In My eye candy below, you see one created with sutures but surgical stables work wonderfully as well. The biggest question always asked is how long a Fuckable Twat can last. The longest one of My created twats has lasted is 4 days. Keep in mind that during those 4 days, there was no erections. The amount of time depends on the lack of an erection clearly. One erection and the suture/staples will pop or tear the skin, creating quite the mess. It's important to keep the Fuckable Twat clean and dry especially after urinating or being fucked.

See My Infinity brand in the eye candy below? I have also posted a video of the Re-Branding on the Video link below.

The latest CaCl injection update picture for Day 305 - Forth Injection

Sissy roxy reports that the right testicle's swelling is down and that the texture has changed.