Monday, December 19, 2016

 Such a lovely past week enjoying a few of you, most notably Sissy roxy in person. Oh YES! I did inject CaCL again even with visible signs that those bits are slowly becoming a distant memory.

As always, I did take bit of eye candy which can be lusted over on the Video Gallery below.

The latest CaCl injection update picture for Day 287 - Third Injection (Before 4th Injection of 40%)

Sissy roxy's in person update video is located below on the Video Gallery.

To clear the confusion on the number of CaCl injections that Sissy roxy has had:

1 set of injections (both testicles) of 30% solution.

1 set of injections (both testicles) of 40% solution.

2 single injections into the Right testicle of 40% solution.

I have updated the past Sissy roxy updates to reflect all the injections instead of just the 40%.